Unable to create Email Campaign – Sitecore EXM (3.2 rev. 160127) – Sitecore BUG

There is a bug in Sitecore ECM/EXM (email experience manager – revision 160127) that when you try to create one-time message and you click on any available template. It immediately disabled the create button and shows following error in browser console. Uncaught TypeError:  Cannot read property ‘callback’ of undefined.     Sitecore reported it as[…]

Request Host Header, Sitecore Site hostName & Reverse Proxy

This is very basic but very important while doing the sitecore deployments on the production environment that is defining the sitecore sites definition and resolving incoming requests, on CD server, with the correct site definition. In my experience with Sitecore, I have faced this problem twice that incoming requests, on CD server, do not map to the desire[…]